From Operating Conditions
to Performance Curves
  and Data Sheet

Follow me and I’ll show you how it works

Set the operating conditions

Let the Selector
search for you

Analyze the results
and choose the best solution

Refine the selection

Print the curves
and the data sheet

Selector: the seller tool

Selector features

The best choice

Quickly compare all the possible solutions and choose the one that better fits your needs.


Stop using cumbersome formulas! Just type the fluid details and add the viscosity effect to your selection without any effort.


Inverters are used more and more in order to improve the efficiency and to increase the flexibility of the pump. The Selector transforms the performance curves in order to adapt them to the speed provided by the inverter. and build a suitable printout.

Motor and coupling

Add the proper motor and coupling choosing them from the catalogue. The Selector guides you even in this choice.

Vertical pumps tool

You can select vertical pumps and display the curves at discharge flange and at impeller plane.

Alternative conditions

What if your customer ask you to show the curves for different conditions (density, viscosity or speed), maybe occurring during transient operations? No problem! The Selector can do it.

Builder: the craft tool

Builder Features

Pump families

The families are groups of pumps that share several features. This simplify the management.

Curves maker

The Builder provides several tools that allow to make the curves: typing the points data, interpolating over the existing curves (two are enough to create a full set of curves), digitizing over an existing graph image.

Hydraulic sharing

The hydraulics can be shared among several pumps so that you don’t need to use copy&paste to create pumps with same hydraulic performances.


Record all the history of each pump so that you can always reopen the old offers and know how they actually were.


The Builder manage a set of catalogues of components (motors, couplings, seals…), materials and so on in order to make the selection faster and generate a complete data sheet.


Make the Builder even more powerful with the optional extensions that allow you to make advanced pumps modeling and provide you more tools.